Saturday, February 21, 2015

Friday, February 20, 2015


I could talk at length about it, but in the long run, does anyone need to hear me babble?

No, no they don't.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

More? More Snow?

My Bedroom Window

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Nowhere To Put It

I never understood this about the snow. To me it just piled up and then people shoveled it away. It never occurred to me that the snow had to get PUT someplace.

Right now cities are in a state of shock because they have already run out of places to put the snow. Streets are impossibly narrow. Corners are impossibly dangerous to see around. People are being hired to clear snow off roofs and truck snow out of parking lots.

We're supposed to get more in two days...

Monday, February 16, 2015

Pretty Roads

Driving in the snow can be slick. It can be slippery. It can be sloshy and slow and more of a sliding experience than one is comfortable with.

But the roads sure are pretty. Until they get all dirty with mud and exhaust.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

White On White

So there was some snow.

I generally disregard warnings about snow. Usually there's a lot of noise about snow, people rush to the grocery store and get into fistfights over bread and milk. They clobber each other trying to get to gas pumps. And then it snows two inches and life continues.

So when the forecast called for lots and lots of snow and everyone started to talk about working from home, I spoke up and said I was coming in.

It snowed three feet.

Less than a week later, it snowed again.

And then again.

In fact, we've been averaging about two snowstorms a week.

The trouble is, it's also cold. This means the snow doesn't melt. It just piles on top of itself. People push it to the side to clear driveways and roads, making walls of snow on either side. Pulling out of a driveway is a game a chance because you can't see the street.

I'm done. It's halfway through the month and I'm done with winter. I'm ready for spring and sand and warm air and sun on my face.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

My House is Your House, Your Activities and My Activities

We're doing too much.

Well, actually, the boys are doing too much.

Which means I am doing too much.

The boys are doing DI this year, again. The past couple of years I've managed DI but when I started working I realized I simply didn't have enough time for weekly meetings. Each team is required to have at least one appraiser and one volunteer, and out of sheer guilt I signed up to appraise - this is usually a hard role to fill.

The appraiser is a hard role to fill because the appraiser cannot appraise at the same meet their own child is competing at. Well, you can, but then you don't get to see your kids compete. So they give you an alternate assignment - another meet to appraise at. All day. From 7am to whenever it ends, frequently after 5pm.

The other meet date - aside from the one my boys are at - is the same weekend as the play Nick and Nate are doing. I also have the boys that weekend. While I haven't heard back from Steve, I am reasonably sure he will be able to watch the boys and get them to their performances. I can make three of the four. Still, I'll be spending a whole day doing something because of an activity they are a part of.

Today I spent the day training for this day of not-my-activity activity. This isn't even taking into account the day I'll spend at the meet my boys are actually attending.

Oh... and that play. The boys are having a great time and are doing such great jobs. But they parents were asked to volunteer both behind the scenes and ahead of time. I was hoping to lend my hand during the production, but now that I'm not there for Saturday's I can't. This doesn't mean I'm not stressing about being so awkward at finding props (my other assignment) or selling ad space.

It's tough, that play. Because the rehearsals are constantly conflicting with rescheduled basketball games and practices. Those were originally scheduled for Friday and Saturday, but keep getting rescheduled for Sunday and Tuesday due to kindergarten registration and snowstorms.

This week is going to be exceptionally difficult because the band concert that was snowed out is smooshed up against the previously scheduled violin concert, and now we have activities every afternoon this week.

I don't want to do all this. But I guess I didn't quite realize that, at this point at least, if the boys are doing something, I need to do it also. Only I need to know all of the details while the boys only think about it during the moments they are IN the activity.

We'll sign back up for karate in March.


Sunday, February 01, 2015

In the wee small hours of the morning

It is 4:14 am and I am awake in my bed.

I woke up around 2:30 in that usual, middle-of-the-night grogginess, and suddenly I remembered I forgot to submit Bios for Nick and Nate, and those were due the 31st. (They are doing a play. Post to follow.)

I submitted the bios and then sent an email out to family members because tickets are on sale. I posted the link on Facebook. And then I realized there was a deadline for placing good luck messages in the program, so I went through all the emails ever and found the one pertaining to ads in the program. When I saw the deadline was February 12th I got so sad because I was picturing Nick and Nate looking for a good luck message from me or their dad, and finding nothing...

... then I realized it wasn't February 12th yet and I still had almost 2 weeks. My sense of time / date is totally skewed.

I printed that out. I swore to buy a HUGE ad for both boys.

While I was at it I looked up the rehearsal schedule going forward. I cancelled karate for everyone for February.

I was going to go back to sleep, but my brain is just not cooperating. Which is Why I'm here...