Thursday, May 31, 2007

Skin Of My Teeth

I sat down at my computer this morning all set to do a funny post about toothpaste, but as soon as I brought up my blog I knew something was wrong.

See, yesterday I had been fooling around with the layout of my blog, trying to add pictures and links and things like that. I had been having problems, and nothing seemed to be working, and eventually I just gave up, assuming nothing had worked.

I was wrong. Some of the changes had taken place, and boy they could have made me look stupid. So I had to frantically fool around with the layouts AGAIN this morning, my kids screaming, my heart beating madly, my face flushed from embarassement and pure foolishness, as I tried to figure out JUST WHAT IT WAS I DID and then once I did that HOW TO UNDO IT! During this time I restricted viewing of my blog to only myself.

I am fairly confident that I have solved the problem. But if you happen to see any naked pictures of me, or links to mud wrestling tournaments, please ignore them for the next few days as I may still be experiencing technical difficulties.

Thank you for your understanding. Perhaps I will post about toothpaste tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I am here! I am here! I am here!

Everything I say needs to be repeated three times and then followed by a threat before anyone listens. It can be "Go get your shoes" or "Put down that knife and get off the table." No one ever listens. Some people (Nate) even think it's funny to outright do the opposite of what it is I ask. And it's really taking a toll on my sanity. I mean, staying at home all day and having minimal contact with adults is one thing, but if, on top of that, people are going to start pretending they don't hear me... well, I'm going to start to think I really AM invisible. And then next thing you know I'll get arrested for walkingdown the street naked while eating gummie bears.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

He Was Tired All Day

This weekend was draining and tiring. First we celebrated Nick's birthday, which involved presents and cupcakes and Steve's family, a couple of streamers, some hot dogs and burgers, and finally the TRACTOR. Later that afternoon my brother Winston came up to visit with his girlfriend, Meg. And that involved more gifts, and more gifts, and a lot of eye rolling at how crazy my mother is for getting so many gifts for Nick, and a lot of wrapping paper.

Winston and Meg stayed until Monday, which was great. It was good to get to know Meg a little more, even though I'm ten years (TEN YEARS!) older than she is and sometimes feel absolutely ancient. (OLD! I FEEL OLD!) We drank a lot of wine, ate a lot of food (even Winston ate pizza and popcorn and Doritos and cupcakes!) and then watched a movie I think only Meg saw the end of, and played a lot of Wii.

It was fun, and the house seemed quiet after they left. But I also slep HARD last night. Fun, but tired. Which is why I like this picture of Nicholas. He was having fun. He was just tired, too.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Cupcake Shot

Nicholas asked for red cupcakes this year. But I could not find a tub of red icing. I tried making some, but no matter how much food coloring I put in, the icing remained... not red. Take a look.

Nicholas looked crestfallen when he saw the first few cupcakes. "Why did you make them purple?" he asked. But the problem was solved when I let him have a container of sprinkles. Half of the container ended up on the first two cupcakes. But near the end, Nick looked at the remaining sprinkles and said, "the rest I'm saving for me because I'm a little hungry." And then he ate the rest of the sprinkles like candy.

Nathan helped clean up, mostly by picking up the stray clumps of sprinkles and eating them.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is, of course, a weekend for rememberance.

In our case, we remember the weekend that Winston came to stay with us, and he and Steve had too much too drink and sat on our back porch howling (no, really howling like wolves) at the noisy kids partying somewhere across the brook. And then, then next morning, at 7am, I woke Steve up and told him we had to go to the hospital because I was having a baby, and Steve drove me there, even though he probably shouldn't have been driving at all. And then, because of complications, we were both transported my ambulance to a bigger, better hospital in Boston, and I had twelve hours of labor, which Steve endured smelling like beer, unshowered, unshaven. Perhaps he felt woozy at the harsh reality of a child being born and a woman in labor and all the wonderful fluids involved. Or perhaps he was a bit hung over. We'll never really know.

Anyway, Nicholas was born on Memorial Day weekend, two whole weeks early.

We celebrated Nicholas's Third Birthday yesterday, even though it's a bit early. For weeks, if not months, all he's said he wanted was a tractor. I looked everywhere for the perfect, non-battery powered gift. I finally ordered it off the internet. It arrived Thursday. Steve managed to put it together in record time despite those horrendous instructions composed entiredly of badly drawn pictures. I put on one sticker but did a bad job, so Steve even did those.

I think Nick likes it. He seemed calm, but he insisted on showing every single person who came by his tractor.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Friday, May 25, 2007

Naptime Yet?

Ahhh, New England.

Where else in the world does it go directly from "Too Cold" to "Too Hot" without an in between?

Last night Nick and Nate had some trouble getting to sleep. Actually, that is a lie. The part where I said "some." Because actually it was a "lot" of trouble falling asleep.

At first they were just crying and moaning, but then, about an hour after I had put them down, Nicholas started this SCREAMING thing, where you can't tell if he's in pain or scared or WHAT and nothing got him to stop. No amount of talking, threatening, coddling, nothing could make the noise stop. I told him he was safe. I told him we loved him. I told him if he didn't stop screaming I would make him sleep in the shed. Nothing worked. I finally sat there until he fell asleep, and that lasted for about ten minutes, until he woke up and realized that I was GONE!

It got to the point where Steve actually came and took him OUT of the bed, and then I let him sleep in our bed with me until Steve fell asleep. so that gave us an hour of quiet. But then it just started up again until I broke one of my big, huge rules: I screamed "SHUT UP!" And Nicholas cried for a few more seconds, then fell asleep.

I feel terrible. But at least I got a few hours of sleep before they woke up AT FIVE THIRTY.

And now, here is a picture of my tulips, at least a couple of tulips before last week's rain ripped them to shreds. I planted them too far apart, so they look funny.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Breakfast Wish

This morning Steve had to leave very early to get to a meeting, so when Nicholas woke up I simply told him to get into bed with me so that I wouldn't have to move.

We talked about what we would have for breakfast, and before I knew it I was telling Nicholas how I really wanted a bagel with lox and cream cheese - maybe a tomato and some red onion or capers - and how simply WONDERFUL it would be. Then I told him that next time we visited Gramma and Grampa, maybe I would take him to Zabars which I remember fondly from when I was a kid, but which I haven't actually visited since 1993. "But Grampa used to take me there when I was little," I said.

Nicholas looked thoughtful. "Grampa is your daddy?" he asked?

I nodded. "Yes, your grampa IS my daddy."

Nicholas nodded. Then, in the same tone I had used to describe lox and Zabars, he said,"I went to Wal-Mart, once, when I was bigger."

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


We're all sick with this cold. With one exception - Nicholas. Nicholas HAD the cold, but seemed to get over it very quickly. Now he coughs sometimes, but mostly he doesn't. He's energetic and playful. The rest of us are practicing the different ways we can produce mucus.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Before 7am

This morning Nathan slept until 6:30, a good half hour past my official "wake-up time." It was too bad, since Nick woke me up at 5:30 telling me he had to pee, because I was awake anyway...

When he finally started making noises I rushed in to find him standing there with one eye open and the other sealed shut with dried goo. No wonder he slept late - he couldn't open his eyes! One of his nostrils was similarly sealed. I had to soak his eye in a warm washcloth (he didn't like it) to get the goo to soften enough for him to see.

Then, at breakfast, Nicholas told me he wanted his own something from the grocery store. It was a "something" that sounded like "Ackorgigan" and I could not figure out what he was talking about (Backyardigan? Back Organ? Backorder?) Until I finally realized he was saying "deodorant." My almost-three-year-old was asking for his own deodorant from the grocery store.

Without going into the specifics of puberty and glands I tried explaining that only grown ups needed deodorant, but he insisted he was smelly and needed some deodorant.

It is going to be an interesting day.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Summer is Soon!

Nicholas calls them "Choose Its" instead of Cheese Its.
Nathan calls The Wiggles, "Diggo!"
Nicholas likes Pomatoes (Tomatoes)
Whenever I open the fridge Nathan asks for "Teeze" probably because the cheese drawer is clear plastic and right in his line of sight.

After three days of rain we finally have some sun. It will be warmer today, and even warmer tomorrow. And then maybe these cold we all have will clear up, the snot will cease pouring from Nathan's nostrils, and we can all be healthy for a change!

Although, if I remember last summer correctly... hmm...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

One Day.... One day...

One day last week I thought it would be nice to take the boys out to lunch. So after our trip to the Library I packed them in the car and took them to The Cracker Barrel.

If you've never been to the Cracker Barrel... well, you don't really need to go. It's the kind of place you find right off highways where they serve breakfast all day and also sell ceramic frogs in flowered hats and penny candy and old fashioned bottles of coke. It seems very nice and homey until you realize they are trying to kill you via pancake.

Nicholas was excited to go to the Cracker Barrel. He liked the rocking chairs lining the porch. He was overwhelmed by the candy and the cluttered walls and the people. We walked up to the host, who asked "Will that be one or two kids menus?"

"I want Chicken Nuggets!" said Nick. Actually, he said it loudly. Very loudly. He almost yelled it. He probably thought he needed to yell to be heard over the clutter.

Once we got to our seats and I glanced at the menu, Nicholas ordered his own lunch - Chicken Nuggets (Tenders) and Chocolate Milk. The boys pretty much behaved themselves until the Chocolate Milks came.

This is when Nathan decided he didn't need me, Mommy, to help him drink his milk with a straw. He wouldn't let me position the milk so that straw would reach his mouth. He wouldn't let me touch his drink at all. Instead, he would remove the straw from the plastic cap and lick the one drop of chocolate milk from the straw, then scream because he could not replace the straw. I would have to help him - which caused more screaming - and then he would do it again.

As soon as the meal came Nathan screamed because he didn't have what I had (I know for a fact he wouldn't like a Ruben) and then threw every french fry I gave him on the floor. He was the reason we had to leave.

But Nicholas's behavior gave me hope that one day we can actually go to a place with tablecloths and no kids menu.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

It's The Little Things

I'm a bit tired, too tired to round up my thoughts. So here they are all kind of out of order.

- Nathan does not have the measels in this picture. He somehow managed to get a red magic marker and finely spray red ink all over half of his body in a way that made me think he had a horrible rash. But he was fine.

- I actually HAVE FireFox, and used to use it before I upgraded. It's the browser that no longer lets me see the login window. It also blocks out a lot of other images. I think it has to do with the ad blocking stuff Steve put on it. Which I cannot turn off. Hence, Safari.

- Steve has a very bad cold. He is so sick, in fact, that he has already told me he will be calling the doctor Monday. (Why do these things always happen on weekends?) Steve NEVER sees a doctor. The last time he saw a doctor was when he almost cut his finger off with the lawn mower. (um, don't stick your hand in a lawn mower.)

- Nicholas is also sick. He is a snotty mess. And cranky. But not feverish.

- I'm posting late today. The boys are screaming and crying and fussing and generally being a pain, which reminds me that I do this in the morning for a REASON, and that reason is that they are not yet bored with the day at 7:30 am.

- I had a strange dream last night where I was late to get to the airport for our flight to France, but Larissa (who was coming with us) would not help me get our stuff together, and instead kept drinking wine. I woke in a cold sweat.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Blogger Foils Me Again

Today, out of the blue, the pop up window that lets me attach photos is not popping up. (Actually, once I published this post I went back and was able to attach a photo in the Edit mode, so here we have a wonderful Photo of Nathan.)

This is especially frustrating because I feel that no matter what I do, I can't win. I used to use Explorer as my browser. However, once I upgraded my blog, I found that explorer would no longer let me see the login window. I got a message asking for my email address and my password, but no actual space to type it all in. This meant I had to use Safari, which is great, only most of the new features from the upgrade cannot be used in Safari, redering the upgrade useless.

And now the pop up window for photos isn't popping up.

And I never know what I'm dealing with. Is this a change Blogger has made on a permanent basis? Or is this an error that will be fixed? Or is it the result of something Steve did late last night? Some anti Spy program designed to make it so that we never have to look at ads?

In other words, how mad should I be, and at who?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Little Brother

The last time I was home, Winston had a bit too much to drink. He became sentimental and let it sneak out that he considered his brother and sisters his best friends. I was very, very touched, mostly because I understood.

Today he is 31, and I do not remember a time before he was born.

Happy Birthday, Winston!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

How We Eat

My kids become hungriest when I start cooking dinner. Suddenly their ears prick up and then come running from all four corners of the earth (yes, I have two children, I don't know how they manage to reach all four corners, but they do) begging me for a slice of bread, cheese, some tomato, goldfish crackers, ANYTHING! Because they are starving, you see. And besides, they don't like whatever it is I'm cooking anyway.

I usually give in to the first of these demands, reasoning that I am hungry, too, and will also be nibbling while I cook. Also, as long as I only give them a reasonable number of Cheerios and don't let them rn away with the whole box, it won't completely ruin dinner. And also, they won't eat dinner, anyway.

Nicholas is a grabber. I will extend a handful of raisins or Cheerios meaning for the boys to share, and Nicholas will somehow manage to fitt my palmful into his much smaller palm, mostly by also placing large handfuls into his mouth.

Nathan, on the other hand, has a much more delicate style. He can do one of two things. The first is to trat my hand like a bowl, and eat the Cheerios one at a time from my hand. He refuses to hold more than one at a time, or to eat them from a cup or a bowl. He needs me and my Mommy Hand holding the Cheerios for him. This is preferable, though, to the second thing he does, which is to eat the Cheerios DIRECTLY FROM MY HAND. Like a horse or a goat, licking my palm for the very last remnants of Cheerio or raisiny goodness.

As for me, I prefer pie, in bed, either with a good book or watching HOUSE.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cranky Pants

I'm not sure who this post is about.

It might be a post about Nathan, who has been crankier than usual these past few days. He has reached the point where he is trying to speak, but very few words are actually, well, words. When he gets frustrated, not only with his communcation but with his ability to move heavy objects, put puzzles together, turn the pages of a book, etc. he screams and flings the nearest object across the room.

Of course, this might also be a post about NIck. Nicholas is uncomfortable. Determined not to poop in the potty, yet reluctant to poop in his underwear, Nicholas has solved the problem by just turning that function off altogether. At least mostly. For the past couple of days. Needless to say, he is uncomfortable. He whines and whimpers and screams when I suggest we sit on the potty or have a nice glass of prune juice. All night long I was in and out of his room, alternately soothing him or threatening to throw him out the window, depending on what kind of dream I ha been having when he woke me up.

Which bring me to... me. This could be a post about me. Because I am definitely cranky. I am exhausted from lack of sleep and trying to be patient. I would pay someone twenty dollars to wattch my kids while I used the bathroom, just so I could sit without two kids climbing on top of me. As I type this, Nathan is whacking me with his sip cup, which apparently is out of milk. He is also trying to climb up my body, and it is only a matter of time before I loose it and lock myself in the closet just to get away.

The End, have a nice day.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Busy, Busy, and more Busy

Today I looked at my to do list and realized there were eleven items on it. I usually do not allow my daily to do lists to exceed five items, as it causes undue stress and then I get nothing done, whereas the fewer items I have on the list the more apt I am do accomplish additional tasks...

Anyway, I'm off to get the dog licensed, to drop Nick off at school, stop at the post office, the dry cleaners, come back in time to put Nate down for a nap, and that's just the morning.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Hallmark Holiday!

I am aware that Mother's day is a "Hallmark Holiday," meaning that it was invented by card companies in order to sell more greeting cards, and then adopted by other industries as an excuse to push their own merchandise.

But I don't care because today I got to sleep in, and Steve made me breakfast, and I got chocolates and all sorts of wonderful surprises. How nice!

Also, every mother deserves a day. Fathers, too, but they get one later. Because parents work HARD for their kids, and there is no way to accurately appreciate it until one becomes a parent oneself. I don't care what you say, YOU JUST DON'T KNOW unitl you have been up all night worrying, chaging sheets, cleaning up puke, taking temeratures, and rearranging you entire life to accomodate the little lives you are responsible for.

So here are some pictures of Nathan doing housework. It's how our house stays clean.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Friday, May 11, 2007


Nathan has this habit of changing the channel while the TV is on. This wouldn't be a big deal, except that he has horrible taste. I will leave them watching Diego to put the laundry in the dryer, and when I come back they are watching the jewelry segment on Home Shopping Network. Or maybe it's a Paid Program by Bowflex. Whatever it is, it lacks in plot and the acting is simply not convincing.

Nicholas HATES it when Nathan changes the channel. As soon as the picture changes he screams the name of the show he was watching "Backyardigans!" or "Blue's Clue's!" as though Nathan had erased the show from TV FOREVER!

Yesterday Nathan changed the channel, and Nicholas pushed Nathan. I put Nicholas in a Time Out, and changed the channel back. WHen Nick's Time out was over I let him back in the room, but Nathan changed the channel again two mintes later. Nicholas pushed him again. I put Nicholas in another Time Out, this time with a bit of yelling about how we just DID this and we do NOT hurt our brothers and we USE WORDS instead! And I turned off the TV.

When I told Nick his time out was over I tacked on the "I think you should say something to your brother." Nicholas slowly slid off his chair and went over to Nathan, and I was expecting the usual "I'm Sorry!" and the hug where he squeezes Nate's head until Nate squeals.

Nicholas took a deep breath. "Nathan," he said, "Don't change the channel!"

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sprinkler Tales

Yesterday it was hot. So I thought it would be a good idea to plug in the sprinkler and let the boys play in it.

This sounds so easy, doesn't it?

First I had to get the boys ready. This was slightly less complicated than getting them ready for play in the snow. But instead of putting stuff on, it's mostly taking stuff off. Then putting on swim diapers, then fighting them to apply sun lotion, which is hard because they don't like it and start to pull away, at that point it is, truly, like trying to hold on to a greased pig. Two greased pigs.

Once hats were on and towels located, I picked them up and headed outdoors, where they immediately gravitated to the small plastic wading pool. This pool was full of water. Why, you ask, would a semi-intelligent person allow a pool full of water to remain on her property when there are small children about who could easily drown? Well, the answer is I DIDN'T! That pool is the cause of so many problems. First of all, it's light plastic, so if it's not weighted down the slightest wind will send it into the bushes separating our yard from our neighbors. Second, if you leave it out empty, the rain will fill it up within a week. I swear, even if it doesn't rain, it will only take a week. Finally, even if you put it upsdie down, the rain will cause the plastic to bend and turn the stupid thing inside out. Water is heavy.

Anyway, the big issue with the pool yesterday was not the dirty rainwater in the filthy pool, but the dead chipmunk floating on top of it. I had to rush insdie for a bucket to scoop out the poor creature and tote it to the bushes (where the pool escapes to) and then empty the stupid pool AGAIN. This time I dragged it into the basement and told myself I would scrub it clean with floor cleaner before the boys would use it again. We'll see. It might be easier to buy a new one.

Finally I hooked the sprinkler up and turned the spigot... only to realize that the outside water hadn't been turned on yet, and I had no idea how to do it. So I had to call Steve at work.

Once the water was on and the sprinkler was working, Nicholas screamed and Nathan cried. It was on for less than two minutes.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I have run out of pictures to post. To be honest, when the kids were feverish and I was stressing about my Aunt I didn't really go for the camera too often.

Today it is supposed to get warm. More than warm, HOT! Accuweather has predicted a high of 87, with "Real Feel" of 89. That means that it's still 50 in the morning, but even now I can feel the heat of the day in the air, as though it were a scent. I dressed both boys in overalls - Nathan in these cute tractor overalls that used to be Nick's, and Nick in these new Go Diego Go! overalls that are actually a size too big for him, and that are actually a Very Bad Idea, given that he can't remove them himself to use the bathroom. Once I realized this I suggested changing him into other, easer to manage summer clothing, but you would have thought I had suggested drawning our cats for fun. So I quickly dropped it and resigned myself to a day of difficult potty-going.

Regardless, I will take pictures, because it is going to be worth it.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Only Pretend

One of Nick's favorite things to do is to curl up under a blanket and pretend to take a nap.

The key word there is "Pretend."

He is never excited to REALLY take a nap.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Completely Exhaustified

The other day I had the idea that, after bringing the boys home from the doctor, I would be able to feed them lunch before putting them down for a nap. This is how far Nate got. Didn't even get out of his coat. He just collapsed on the floor, inches from the garage.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Good Show! Whot, whot!

Yesterday I drove down to Cambridge and saw Mike Daisey perform his monologue, MONOPOLY! It was absolutely fantastic for more than a few reasons.

First of all, this is only the second one that I've seen, but Mike's monologues are amazing. In this one he manages to weave together Monopoly (the game), Wal-Mart, Tesla, Microsoft, and also some aspects of a production that he worked on a while ago. The performance is intelligent, enlightening, funny, and touching. Not all at the same time, at different times, otherwise we'd all be shivering balls of goo by the end.

Seriously, if you ever, ever have a chance to see Mike perform, please go for it. I promise you, it is neither a waste of time nor money, it is worth it, I swear. And he goes everywhere, to so many places, that I'm sure eventually he'll be where you are. GO! Mom, Dad, THIS MEANS YOU! I mean it, you might really enjoy yourselves.

Mike is a friend of mine from school, about a billion years ago, and we were both in that crazy theatre company in rural Maine, because none of us had the sense to go anywhere there were actually people to work on our craft. But that is not why I think his show was spectacular! Really! It is really, really good.

After the show I got to hang out with Mike and a few other friends that I happen to see more often, and I had such a great time, despite the fact that I spilled water everywhere and kept checking my cell phone like some neurotic mother. I have to remember to get in touch with him again soon. MIKE - stop by on your way up to NH, if you can! Just let me know when.

The one drawback about hanging out with people from school is that I start to feel nostalgic and get the urge to memorize scripts and start singing show tunes in a really loud, now-out-of-practice voice. Thank goodness the boys are my best critics.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

I love my house, I love my nest...

It's the time of year when nature once again asserts itself and reminds us that there are other creatures out there besides us. By that I don't just meant that little buggies seem to crawl all over any item the kids leave in the grass for more than two minutes.

Yesterday morning I saw deer grazing by the brook for the first time in a long while. I love to watch them. Unfortunately, Gunther, who never seems to notice them when they are on OUR side of the brook, noticed them yesterday and began barking frantically, probably in an attempt to get them to play. I resisted the urge to rush out and ahout out an explanation of the electric fence, knowing the deer wouldn't understand the concept and would think I was a liar.

The geese are also back. I hate the geese. They poop a lot.

But the best visitors we've had so far have been the birds. There are many many birds. Including one that kept returning to the deck, often with twigs in his mouth. A few moments before dinner I poited him out to Steve. "I think he's making a nest in the Grill," I said. So Steve went out and lifted the cover, only to have a second bird fly into his face. It's hard to say who was more startled. And what was in our grill? This.

We left the hood open after clearing out the half built nest. All day yesterday I watched the bird hop around, trying to figure out what happened to his home, specifically the roof. Once he showed up with three other birds who just looked and shook their birdy heads before flying off. We think they were contractors bidding for the jod of rebuilding.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Poke in the Foot

I hadn't called my mother in a couple of days because I had some idea I would call her in the middle of the funeral service, or during the viewing, and that her cell phone would ring loudly, and that it would all be my fault for calling at such an inopportune time.

But yesterday I finally picked up the phone, reasoning that, by then, the funeral AND the burial would have been completed. And they had been. In fact they were on the long drive back.

My phone conversation was cut shourt, however, when Steve came in to tell me Nicholas had a splinter the size of a large crochet needle sticking into his foot. Which, in fact, he did. It took twenty minutes, tweezers, and a needle to remove the thing, not to mention a lot of crying and a lot of sweating - on my part.

Nick whined about his foot all night, refusing to get into the tub and asking me to "take it off his foot" before bed. I was positive he'd forget about it be morning. I was wrong. This morning he is still limping and complaining, leading me to question my splinter removing skills. Did I leave a bit of it in there? Could I have caused serious damage? Touched a nerve? Not disinfected enough?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

No Way! It's May!

May means a bunch of birthdays are coming up, and that in less than a month Steve and I will have been married FIVE YEARS. It also means I should plan something for Nick - oh, the pressure? Party or no party? I mean, he's THREE! But what about that kid who had a party and invited us?

May also means I need to do more yard work. Which is silly, because the ground is too wet where I need to work, and even so I need long stretches of time where I don't need to rescue a child or chase one around the house. I still have seeds to plant that I just can't get down.

Finally, May means a bunch of trips to town hall to register pets and cars, to the vet for check-ups, and fun things like that. I am in no mood to do these things. please, please, please don't make me do them!

I won't think about it until both boys are better.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Chatter chatter

Nicholas is bouncing back and forth from being so sick that he just cries for no reason, and from being so medicated that he feels no pain and chatters on about everything. Yesterday I took him to the doctor AGAIN and despite having a fever of 104, he happily sat there reading a book while waiting. As soon as she opened the door he looked up and exclaimed "I'm so glad to see you!" The whole visit she spoke directly to him, turning her head to hide her smile when he gave his funny answers.

"Do your ears hurt?" she asked.

"I just have a little gas."

"Can I check out your ears?"


Of course, she found nothing, except that his throat looked "a little yucky" and told us to just keep medicating him. Which is fine, but I really do wonder how long a kid is supposed to walk around medicated to keep down a fever. We can't send him to school, I can't take him out, we're basically trapped in our own home. And every three hours I have to have a fight about forcing medicine down someone's throat.

I keep telling myself it won't last forever, and that the doctors are right, and eventually, maybe by the end of the week, it will magically go away.

Then again, Nathan's temperature is a bit high these days, so maybe forever is the right word.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

True Life

Ever since I got the news my Aunt Frances was in the hospital, emotions have been beating me up from the inside. They have run the gammet from sadness to anger and hope to helplessness.

But none of those emotions could be compared to what I felt last night when I took Nick's temperature and the digital readout said 105.2.

That isn't a typo. That's one hundred and five point two degrees.

Nick just has this fever. He's complaining for a sore throat, but the doctor looked and said it was fine. His ears are fine. His lungs are fine. She even took a culture anyway, on the off chance it was strep. It wasn't. That was BEFORE his fever got so high. So of course I was on the phone in a panic.

He slept last night, but woke at 5am with 103.6 which isn't very comforting.

Frances's funeral is Thursday. I had been planning on taking the boys, which seems silly now that I think about it. But now I am not sure I even want to leave Nick. Not when he's got a fever that soars almost before whatever medication (Tylonol and Motrin) we're giving him wears out.